Home is where the heart is

By Bride and Groom 16 August 2016

For Emma and Tim, it was treasured childhood memories that the couple shared of growing up together in Dookie that inspired them to have their reception at home. The celebration was held in the quarry on Tim’s parents’ property in Dookie on September 27, 2014.

Emma Hammond and Tim Hernan

September 27, 2014

“We spent a lot of time there as kids, we would go out there with all our mates,” Emma said. “It was a very relaxed atmosphere and we were able to do whatever we wanted with the venue, plus people were able to stay there as well. “It was quite a small reception with 70 guests of close family and friends, and a lot of them camped over.

Emma said another advantage was that there weren’t any noise or time constraints to worry about. “Because we were out in the middle of nowhere there were no restrictions on when we had to leave or what time we had to get there, it was just all really relaxed,” she said. “It also didn’t cost us anything to have it there, which was quite a big advantage.

Tim’s special request for the wedding was that someone did a burnout, which was possible at the private location, and made for a striking photo. The unpredictable spring weather brought rain the day before and the day after the wedding, but the sun shone through on the couple’s special day.

Photographer: Caroline Duncan Photography 

Reception Venue: Groom's parents property in Dookie

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