A village wedding

By Bride and Groom 17 June 2016
The celebration following the marriage of Jamie Lea and Allan Mitchell was reminiscent of a relaxed music festival. More than half of the guests camped the night — some staying up to witness the sunrise — and the following day helped pack up after sharing breakfast together. “Our wedding truly was a mini festival . . . laid back, relaxed and all about the love,” Jamie said. “Everyone contributed in some way; we were blessed with our generous family and friends and we hope they experienced our day rather than felt like just a spectator.”
Jamie Lea and Allan Mitchell
January 3, 2015

VILLAGE WEDDING: Jamie and Allan enlisted their circle of family and friends to help organise their wedding day. “Everyone who came to our day made it a little more special in their own way, whether they helped with craft afternoons in the weeks leading up to it, or helped set up or pack down or even brought a plate of food to share. Nothing was too much trouble and thanks to our little village our wedding came together, shortly after Christmas and with a new baby,” Jamie said. 

CEREMONY: Beautiful trees provided some shade and respite from the 40-degree heat and added to the enchantment of the evening when a cooling breeze rustled through their leaves. “The ceremony was the most memorable part, surrounded by all those we love, including our two-month old daughter Dempsey; standing beside old friends and hearing our musical friends’ beautiful music flowing around us will never be forgotten,” Jamie said. 

SCOTTISH HERITAGE: The groom and his groomsmen wore kilts as their Scottish heritage dictated and the bride’s lace-trimmed wedding gown was lovingly hand-made by her grandmother Chris Farrah.

FIRST DANCE: A patchwork banner featuring the lyrics of the classic Beatles song All You Need Is Love was the perfect stage backdrop for the newlyweds’ first dance to the same music. Friends took to the stage during the celebrations performing a mix of music; there was even an impromptu reunion of Jamie’s original band with her taking lead vocals.

Groom's parents: Mo and Dougy Boyle

Service and reception: Private property owned by Paul and Catherine Huckett near Numurkah

Photographer: Liz Arcus Photography, Shepparton

Bride's dress: Made by bride's grandmother Chris Farrah

Flowers: Friend Lauren Beer

Hair: Friend Emma Jane

Make-up: Friend Briana Lee

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